Wednesday, April 10, 2019

April at Gallery 10: Pastel Artist Patricia Prendergast

Patricia Prendergast is a new artist at Gallery 10.  She will be Featured Artist during April, showing a beautiful collection of pastels.

Patricial is retired from a career as a computer programmer in 2004 and is now able to indulge in her love of art and nature.  She chose pastels as the best medium to portray the serenity of the landscape of her native California.  She draws inspiration primarily from various locales along the American River, the hills of Marin, and North Lake Tahoe.

She has studied with many master pastel artists:  Richard McKinley, Glenna Hartmann, Gil Dellinger, Clark Mitchell, Richard McDaniel, Kim Lordier, and Bill Cone.

Most of her work is done in the studio, but she does enjoy painting out in nature to hone her ability to see the light and colors. “In fact, I feel the greatest benefit I derive from painting is how it changes how I see the world when I’m not painting!  Everything is more vivid- the beauty of light and shadow in the trees, the subtlety of the color of clouds, the sparkle and reflections in water.”

Patricia works on sanded paper or board.  For some paintings she preps the surface with a texturing agent or she may create a watercolor underpainting that peeks through the pastel.  She lets the painting process determine how the scene will unfold. 

“My goal is to create a sense of depth that allows the viewer to enter into a little moment with nature,” Patricia says.  “My paintings are more an evocation of an emotional response  to the transcendence found through nature thatn a rendering of a specific place.”

Patricia’s pastels will hang all of April at Gallery 10.

Morning Meditation

Still Waters

Cloudy Day at the Point Mai

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