Friday, February 28, 2020

March at Gallery 10: "Three Artistic Visions"

Gallery 10 is delighted to show the artwork of three member artists together in a single show, “Three Artistic Visons.”  Catherine Woodruff, Joanne Dedge and Marie Martz-Mort will present their newest items during March.  A reception will be held in their honor on Saturday, March 7, 2-5 PM, and everyone is very welcome!
Joanne Dedge is a watercolorist who has experimented with many media over the years.  After attending workshops given by Susan Boudet, Joanne has become committed to watercolor.  The profound influence of Susan Boudet is evident in Joanne’s meticulous style of painting.  Her bird paintings, and especially her paintings of cats are highly sought after.
Joanne Dedge

Catherine Woodruff is a collage and watercolor artist who has been a member of Gallery 10 for several years.  She enjoys both media, using watercolor to represent floral designs, and collage to express her love of birds and other animals.
Catherine Woodruff

Marie Martz-Mort came to Gallery 10 with 19 years of experience as a bench jeweler apprentice.  She has continued to experiment and hone her skills as a jeweler, using fine stones and in many cases, 14K gold.  Marie is always happy to discuss special custom jewelry projects, and she enjoys talking about the qualities of stones and inspiration for her work.
Marie Martz-Mort

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