Monday, November 1, 2021

Amador County Art in Public Places Program

Have you seen artwork in local venues around Amador County?  The Amador County Artist Association (ACAA) “Art in Public Places” program has been in place since the mid ‘80’s!
Artwork and photography by ACAA program artists exhibit work for three months at a time.  Fifteen artists are exhibiting work at nine places from October through December 2021. 
You are welcome to attend the ACAA next meeting at the Senior Center on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 6pm followed by an art demonstration. Enjoy the Amador County Artist Association Art in Public Places!

Barn Owl - Claudi Schwalm

Butterfly World - Marlene Olive

California Delight - Fiber Art by Sandra Wagner

Running Gold - Rob Ramey

Sunflower and Honey Bee - Michael Maloney

October - December 2021 Artwork

Public Places

Leslie and David Schupp

Amador College Connect

Sandy Campbell, Michael Maloney

American River Bank

Mary Sue Palmquist

Caddy's Restaurant in Castle Oaks Clubhouse

Bob Clevenger, Marlene Olive

Jackson Paint Spot

Judy Day, Claudia Schwalm

Mother Lode Deli

Joann Ogburn, Ree McLaughlan Brown

Mountain Grille in Mace Meadows

Sandra Wagner

Rosebuds Cafe

Donna Bohlin Sammons

Senior Center

Rob Ramey, John Peck

Sierra Eye Care

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