Sunday, August 9, 2015

Amador County Fair 2015 Art and Photography Results

From well over 500 art and photography fair entries, a few were judged to be the best in their categories.  Adults (18 and over) enter the competition as amateurs, advanced amateurs or professionals, being judged against others in those categories. 

Best of Show winners for fine arts were Jeannie Vodden, in the professional category, for “Hannah;” Jan Ramey-Atwood, advanced amateur, for “Rolf;” and Nancy Chapman, amateur, with “Amorgos, the Cyclades, Greece.”  In photography, the professional winner was Larry Angier for “Anointing;” advanced amateur, Daniel Ryan, with “Fog in the Valley;” and Haley Coker, amateur, for “Enlightenment.” 

The Popular Vote is always an outstanding feature of the exhibition in which those attending the fair can vote for their favorites.  This year’s winners were Kim Schmutzler-Agee in photography, Bill Porteous for his horse sculpture, and Loretta Armstrong in painting.  A more complete list of winners will be posted on the Amador County Artists Association (ACAA) website,

The fine art and photography exhibition, a favorite at the fair, is organized by the ACAA.  Those members specifically responsible were Margo Carr and Judy Day for fine arts and Leslie and David Schupp for the photography division.  The ACAA also arranges for the art demonstrations during the fair.  Details about the organization can be found on its website, including information on monthly meetings, how to join, and upcoming events such as the September 19 and 20 Open Studios tour. 

2015 ACAA Members winning Ribbons for Fine Arts
These are in addition to those judged Best of Show or Division winners.
Cathy Alltucker:  1st, HM
Jan Atwood-Ramey:  1st (2), 2nd (2)
Janet Caccia:  1st, HM (2)
Sandra Campbell:  3rd, HM
Margo Carr:  2nd (2)
Nancy Chapman:  1st
Carolyne Cimino:  1st, 2nd
Susan Davis:  1st, HM
Judy Day:  1st (4), 2nd, 3rd (2), HM
Kathryn Devlin:  1st
Sarah Dixon:  HM (3)
Melissa Doyel:  2nd, 3rd, HM (2)
Cynthia Dunn-Selph:  2nd
Anne-Marie Fielding:  2nd
Jim Glanton:  1st (2) 2nd, HM (2)
Jeff Hipp:  1st, 3rd
George Lambert:  1st, 2nd (2), 3rd
Evelyn Lara-Lowe:  2nd, 3rd, HM (2)
Marleen Olive:  3rd (2), HM (3)
Bill Porteous:  1st
Anne-Marie Reber:  1st (2), 2nd, 3rd
Em Rojas:  2nd, 3rd, HM
Lynn Slade:  HM
David Schupp:  2nd, 3rd
Laureen Shimmon:  HM
Ted Smith:  1st (4)
Curtis Stromme:  1st
Julie Trail:  2nd (4)
Sabina Turner:  2nd, 3rd
Talis Turner:  HM
Laurie Story Vela:  3rd, HM
Jeannie Vodden:  1st (2), 3rd, HM
Wendy Ward:  2nd, 3rd
Laurie Williams:  2nd
Catherine Woodruff:  HM (2)

2015 ACAA Members winning Ribbons for Photography
These are in addition to those judged Best of Show or Division winners.
Cynthia Dunn-Selph:  1st, HM
David Linquist:  1st, 2nd (2), 3rd
Dorothy Magoffin:  HM
Michelle Melniczek:  2nd (2), HM (2)
David Schupp:  1st, 2nd, 3rd (2)
Leslie Schupp:  2nd, HM (2)
Laureen Shimmon:  3rd
Camille Waters:  2nd (3), 3rd (2)
Colleen Williams:  3rd, HM

Laurie Story Vela:  2nd (2), 3rd           

"Fog in the Valley" - Daniel Ryan

"Enlightenment" - Haley Coker

"Rolf" by Jan Ramey

"Hannah" by Jeannie Vodden

"Anointing" by Larry Angier

Nancy Chapman, "Best of Show, Amateur"

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